Monday, August 08, 2005


Last Post till September

Travel down to north London tomorrow night before flying from Stanstead on Wednesday morning, so this will be my last comment of the month.

When I return on 30 August I should be either, pretty depressed or pretty relieved - 3 weeks is a long time for a single break and whilst it should be fun, you never know with the weather in Galicia.

Packing will be easy (I hope) since we only have a few items to take with us and if the weather is fine we should make it on to the beach in the afternoon. The beach we spend most of our time at is la praia de testal, just outside Noia.

Neither of us can remember how much cash we took with us last year (about 18 days), but we are taking 650 euros plus the usual cards this time around.

One thing we don't intend to do is eat out every night. We did that last year and by the end of the holiday it had become tedious. Personally I like to take some bread, chorizo and fruit to the beach and eat that early evening and then maybe have a snack at 10 or 11 pm. Anyway, that's all for now, I must get off and pack.

Saturday, August 06, 2005


Just been writing about Noia

Just completed a couple of new features on Noia for - one about how the town promoted itself both last year and this, and it got me thinking.

Why can a town of 18 000 people be so active in showing off and demonstrating what it has to offer, yet my city, Leeds, England, with a massive population, failed to hold any official new years eve/day celebrations at the end of last year. The excuse - money.

In Noia there are several "town council funded" festivals, the largest lasting 6 days and having around 10 band performances, which they seem able to fund happily. Yet in Leeds, a single event on one day of the year is just too much trouble - unless of course it is for an Asian, or other minority group. I guess that's why Leeds is the home of terrorists and bombers, they get well looked after. But I better stop any political comments because my country doesn't like freedom of speech, unless it is from foreign visitors inciting violence against the domestic population. And yes, I am ashamed and disgusted to originate from this city.

But moving on, my point about Galician culture being openly celebrated (and financed) is one of the traits that attracts me to this part of Spain. Elsewhere, the festivals have taken on a much more commercial and tourist focused look, and some old traditions have been lost. I think this is how places and people lose their identity and sense of belonging.

Is it really so wrong to think that because you were born, educated and grew up in a country, that it should have a greater affinity with you than someone of different origin and culture!? I know I would not have a problem living in Galicia and having Galician's feel that it was their region to a greater degree than it was mine!

Actually, I am going to bring this to and end because this is not what this blog is about, but one final though (if your are in the UK) - isn't Craig on "Big Brother" a cry baby. Get him out and fast.

Friday, August 05, 2005


Counting down to my next Galicia vacation

Is it me, or does it take a long time for the interface of blogger to download?

Anyway, 5 days to go before we head off to Santiago de Compostela.

We are flying from Stanstead and using the new Ryan air route which saves us literally hundreds of pounds (sterling) on the cost of an Iberia flight - or at least it did - Iberia have now dropped all their fares.

Because we were in Noia just a couple of weeks ago, we have left most of our baggage over there and consequently should be able to take all our kit on to the plane as hand luggage. The weather is apparently good at the moment and since one of the reasons we are going in August is for the big 6 day festival in Noia, we need it to stay that way. Last year most of August was a 'wash out' in Galicia, although we were there in July and the weather was great.

We are also going to be meeting some former Galician ex pats who now live in the USA and have a holiday that coincides with ours, so that should be good.

In terms of plans, we haven't got a schedule as such (that's too much like work), but we do want to take in all of the regions major cities and tourist attraction. It's amazing that, even when you go on holiday, you tend to ignore anything that is close by, and we spent 3 weeks a mere 25 miles from Santiago de Compostela last year without visiting it once. This year it will be our first port of call.

Right now I'm looking forward to our first taste of Galician cuisine. We normally unpack our bags (which will be a very small job this time), go to the beach (if we have time) and then have our first holiday meal at a tapas bar called "la parra". It might not sound much, but they have a good reputation and serve up the best calamares and lomo you can get. We might have the odd beer (lager) or two thrown in as well. Right, now I must check my email!

Just looked at this second post - I did not realize that the entries read from bottom to top!

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Noia Galicia Spain

What this is about - Galicia & Noia

This blog is about my thoughts, plans and opinions of Spain's green and rural region of Galicia and the medieval town of Noia situated in one of its many "rias" or bays. The image to the right is an "horreo" (or grain store) and is regarded as one of the symbols of Galicia.

My qualifications for writting about Galicia are based on having one, a Galician wife and two, running the biggest English language web site on the net about Galicia.

I'm not sure which of the two gives me the most pleasure, although I am in no doubt as to which gives me the greatest pain - and its not the web site. But more about Galician women later - much later!

The web site I mentioned can be found at->
or at least the main index to the Noia pages can be. I will also give you various other url's for interesting galician sites from time to time.

What I intend to write about

I intend to fill these pages with my mindless witterings about everything from, why I like and visit Galicia, to some comparisons of the good and bad things about Galicia - at least when compared to the UK (my home).

Start of the actual blog

Enough wittering and on to the first big news, for me anyway. Next Wednesday I head for Noia and Galicia for a 3 week vacation and photo collecting trip. I actually just got back from a one week visit on the 27th July, so the visits are only 2 weeks apart.

I've visited Galicia several times, but have never fully explored the regions/cities of Pontevedra, Lugo, Vigo and A Coruna, so this trip will be one with more travelling than usual. We will also be meeting up with an English resident of Galicia, Pontevedra to be precise, who has a very large blog all about the place on this very site.

Anyway, we are staying in both my wife's parents apartment and another family home, both in Noia, from which we will set out to explore the region. Right now my only concern is the weather, Galicia does not have guaranteed sun and the holiday we just had really suffered at the hands of the climate. Hopefully, we will fair better this time. Incidently, my unchecked spelling is bad - so appologies for that in advance. Enough for now.

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