Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Testal beach, Noia

This beach is a short drive, or even a walk, away from the town of Noia and used to be our favourite Galician spot for getting a sun tan. The beach is long (and narrow when the sea is in) but has a vast expanse of sand when the sea is out.

The first time I saw (the far side of) this beach I thought wow. It looked great, white sand, calm sea and a burning hot summer’s day to boot. That has now changed – and for the worse.

In the past this beach had a big problem with seaweed that actually grew out of the sand and covered the entire beach area. At some point a cleanup job must have taken place, but evidently the seaweed has started to return and, combined with the destruction of the surrounding trees by fire this summer, the beach is no longer one I would recommend. A great shame!

If you want to see how it used to look, click on the galiciaguide link to the left and then hit the button for Noia and then Testal.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Snippets of Galicia

From tomorrow onwards I am going to write a short summary about a town, restaurant, beach or somewhere or something that I have visited or experienced in Galicia. I will start with Testal beach tomorrow. It is close to the town of Noia which is our Galician base and is in the lower bays or rias of the Galician coastline.

If you want more information about anything I describe, visit by using the link to the left.

Monday, November 28, 2005


What next

I see on an English language news site for exp “pats”, that around 50% of new jobs in Galicia are now taken by foreigners.

It is starting to sound like the UK, although I suspect that most of those referred to are qualified, graduates, or specialists, satisfying a regional shortfall in a particular recruitment area.

Much of Spain is suffering at the hands of the silent Islamic invasion that has already destroyed England (fortunately for the Scots and Welsh their territories are safe – for the moment).

The Spanish have however recognized this threat and are not prepared to see their lifestyle, culture and religion diluted, for the sake of ethnic minorities, in the way that the sick Labour government have done in the UK.

Did you know we no longer have Christmas in the UK, Christmas lights are now referred to as a “festival of lights” and alternatives are now been looked at for the naming of the Christmas break.

Apparently the word “Christmas”, with its Christian undertones, is an offense to many muslims, so we have to get rid of it. That is no joke – it is actually happening and a multi-cultural group are being paid to come up with alternative names as I write this.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


No title

I’m very busy at the moment and I simply don’t have the time to make a serious entry here. Should be back to normal soon.

Friday, November 18, 2005


Bloody google

Do I hate that dammed search engine google. How they have 70% of all searches is beyond me.

I have just run three random searches with them, each producing millions of indexed pages and on each occasion more than 2 sites listed on page one had no mention of the terms I searched for ( 4 out of 10 in one case). There was of course theusual comment in the cache that - links containing those terms pointed to the pages they threw up – so what.

What is the point of producing pages in search results that don’t even include the terms you search for?

Google’s obsession with back links has just become ridiculous, page content means nothing, but links that, 1. any commercial enterprise can buy and 2. big clubs like government and education department can give to one another in massive quantities, now decide which pages you see!

There is a rumour that google are deliberately providing “crappy” results in the hope that users will click on their side ads (which are remarkably relevant to the actual search terms). Whatever the reason their serps suck.

msn and yahoo amazingly have really got their acts together over the last year or so and unlike google have removed much of the “page rank” element from their serps. The trouble is they don’t advertise or tell anyone about it, I guess that makes them as bad as google in their own way.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I am rich

All my worries are over, my financial future is assured, I just got an email from the "LOTERIE NATIONALE promotional programme" informing me that I have won $2.5million. Better still I never bought a ticket, filled in a form or did anything pro-active at all.

I find these emails astounding in themselves, but even more astounding is the fact that there must be takers, people who email back and are no doubt asked for a bank account into which the moneys "can be paid".

So, tragically, I will pass on my multi-million dollar win and continue to live the life of a paupa (I hope I spelt that correctly).

Galiciaguide has had substantial movement on msn and yahoo over the last week. Come to think of it, some big moves on google too, but in the wrong direction. The claims that some webmasters make that google penalize you for performing well on msn and yahoo can easily be justified, although I hope coincidence is the real explanation.

Saturday, November 12, 2005


A couple of deaths

John Fowles, author of my all time favourite book the Magus, died this week. He was best know for his novels the Collector and The French Lieutenants Woman. I am no big reader, especially of fiction, but the Magus is an astounding book. If you wonder why it was never made into a successful movie, read it and you will see why, it is just too complex.

I am a detester of hereditary privilege and normally have an internal celebration whenever the demise of a member of the Royal family (any Royal family) is announced. Occasionally however I have the opposite reaction and this was the case yesterday when I heard of the death of Lord Litchfield (I hope I spelt his name correctly). He broke the rules, did what he wanted to do against his family background and made a good living out of it. I would slot him in the same category as Tony Benn, people whose views I disagree with, but who are principled and honourable. I wonder how many of them are left, at least in the public eye, certainly not many and that’s great shame.

Friday, November 11, 2005


Boring stuff

Having completed and uploaded the new Lugo section of galiciaguide, I intend to refrain from the addition of new content for a week or so.

The remaining areas of major refurbishment are the sections on A Coruna, Santiago de Compostela and Ourense. It will take me a week to figure out which to tackle first as all three have different challenges. The Ourense guide should be a similar size to the Lugo one, the Santiago guide will be massive and the A Coruna guide will be the biggest problem because I have only explored certain parts of the city. All told, I think Ourense will be the next project.

Unfortunatley, I have never had a response to my last email from the guy who lives in A Coruna which is disappointing and frankly quite rude, but then again there may be an explanation of some kind – time will tell.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Emails about Galicia

Unfortunately I get very few emails from galiciaguide these days. Once upon a time, when the site looked amateurish and simple, I used to get mail every other day, but since I opted for a more professional look, the trickle has all but stopped. (The traffic is however much greater.)

I think that when a site looks like a hobby, visitors are more than happy to tell you what they think of it, or to ask questions about its content. Unfortunately once things look more large scale, the personal element and approachability disappear - a fact of web site life. You also get barraged by scam sites who want you to give them a link to their pharmaceutical or dog food site.

I have also missed out on mail from one of my free web hosting sites. I though I updated my email address some months ago, but recently discovered that I still had an old, and no longer valid, one posted on the site. Still I did get a very brief question from someone in South Africa today about Pontevedra.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Lugo and my other blog

I am posting all the new Lugo pages of later today. It has taken some time to put this guide together and it is slightly smaller than the one I uploaded about Pontevedra last month - although I hope it is still pretty good.

No one, well very few people, read this blog. But another blog I have (on which I write and post pictures about babes) is now in the top 40 most read blogs on its respective host site – not blogspot.

I did it for a laugh and mainly to see if people (primarily men) are more interested in pictures of beautiful women than anything else. Apparently they are and my march for blog domination in the babe category will continue unabated.

The interest I had from a visitor (who lives in Noia) a couple of days ago is either short lived, or curtailed by my response in English. I replied to the comment that was left, and assumed a dialogue was in the pipeline, but I have heard nothing since. Still, no one in Galicia rushes to do anything, so maybe I am just impatient.

Monday, November 07, 2005


Message for TEIRA

Hello Teira,

I have left a message for you on your Blog.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


Noia Galicia: town alterations

Plans are afoot to make some big alterations and additions in Galicia’s coastal town of Noia.

On the list is the development of an area opposite the alameda which at one time acted as the location for the market. Today this area, shrouded in trees, is not even used as a through affair. Any redevelopment should be worthwhile.

A bypass is planned near the beach of testal and it is intended to build a timber promenade that runs parallel with the harbour bay wall. A good idea in theory, it neglects to take into account the silt clogging of the harbour (now 9 feet deep) and the smell that results – at least when the tide is out.

Other plans include the addition of some entrance details to the medieval district, although as with everything in Galicia, when these plans will actually formulate into reality is anyone’s guess.

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