Saturday, August 26, 2006


The reason for my lack of blogs

I have been unable to make entries over the last week - the result of a virus on my PC.

As yet it is still not irradicated and, given its astounding ability to affect my internet access, I have been reluctant to use any password related sites such as this.

So far I have written up some 35 new town guides for, but again have been unable to upload any of them. This I will start to do next week. I will also add some additional holiday arranging resources plus more info on things to be aware of in Galicia.

I hope normal service will resume over the next few days, but there is no guarantee.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Fires in Galicia

Fires are now raging throughout Galicia and many of the places we visited, photographed and I am currently writing about have been damaged or destroyed. To find out more, type “colindavies” as a blogspot search and read his detailed and distressing blog about these appalling events.

Among the many places we visited was a nature park and dune close to the town of Muros. The place, called mount Louro, has apparently been ravaged by fire and what only two weeks ago was a breathtakingly beautiful spot is now all but destroyed.

Noia, our vacation base, is also under fire attack and even the major cities like Santiago de Compostela and Pontevedra have flames at their door. The whole situation is terrible.

Everyone cites different causes, but as an independent observer blame has, in part at least, got to be directed at drivers who constantly throw cigarette buts out of their windows, even in forests – and we have seen this first hand. The ridiculous number of fireworks, thousands are let off every day (and nearly all in the hills) as part of festival celebrations, must also start fire after fire. Ultimately irresponsibility is the cause for many of these eco tragedies and the bloody minded attitude of many Galicians in dismissing this is truly shameful.

Monday, August 07, 2006


A quick review (the first) of our latest Galician holiday

I don't quite understand how or why this blog has lost its PR3 and reverted back to a zero. For some reason google place little value on their own blogging operation, but rate the likes of Blogeasy far higher.
The dust is now settling on my return from Galicia and I will start to add regular entries again.
The weather during our 23 day stay was far from great and after 5 days of scorching weather, the heat wave hitting the rest of Europe (including Britain) decided to give Galicia a miss. This is not to say the weather was poor, we had but one rainy day, but after a high of 42 degrees on our fourth day the temperature rarely exceeded 30 degrees from there on. To natives, cultural visitors and the like, this was probably ideal, but we like it hot and with Galicia's constant breaze, the beach was not as enticing as usual.
We travelled extensively again, and during our 4800km of driving spent time in all 4 provinces and tried to blend cultural sights with time at the beach. We also saw a medieval festival in Noia which was something well worth experiencing. We missed a similar event in Betanzos by one day earlier in the holiday.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Back from Galicia

Just returned from three and a half weeks in Galicia with over 800 photos, several hours of video and visits to various towns in the 4 provinces of the region.

The next few days will see me organise and summarise future content for Galicia Guide following which I will start to add the new content to the site over future months. I will use this blog to recount various experiences, annoyances and pleasures resulting from the visit.

In summary, we were there for 23 days and drove over 2800km spending a significant amount of time in Ourense and Pontevedra as well as la Coruna. Lugo got a smaller allocation of time this visit.

Highlights of the visit were a couple of stays with fellow Galician webmaster Colin Davies and, as ever, the joys of taps and the laid back Galician life style. Major downs were the ineptness of any organisation connected with tourism to offer any (open) service during what we would class as normal visiting hours. I will elaborate on the huge problems and time wasting this causes in the future.

A big blow to us was the news, on our last day, that our favourite tapas bar in Noia (la Para) is to close over the next few months. Although serving a limited menu, this bar excels at everything it offers and I mention it enthusiastically on the main site. Another culinary haunt of ours, Mama Mias, also disappeared off our list of favourites, but this time for less pleasant reasons which I will elaborate on in a future entry.

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