Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Tours of Galicia

I will deviate from my usual posts to mention a company called Galicia Mystic Tours. They are owned and run by a couple living in Pontevedra, one a Spaniard from Galicia and the other a Canadian and they offer that very rare and unusual thing, guided tours of Galicia (in English).

I believe that the company is quite new and/or their website is under development, but they have a number of organised tours covering everything form the Ribiera Sacra wine routes to tours of the rias and major cities. The tours vary in length from one day to several days and you can also put a list of things that you would like to see together and they will accommodate your requirements.

All told, if you want to see Galicia, and ensure that you cram a lot into a short period of time, this company sounds like a good option.

I have included a link to their website in the list to the left and also (hopefully) here: www.toursofgalica.net.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Galician ladies

This latest entry has taken some time to post, simply because I have been busy catching up after my “illness”.

Galician women

Actually I could talk and write about the (younger) Galician females until the cows come home.

On my first ever visit to Galicia I saw the most stunningly beautiful woman I have ever seen and, to make matters even better, she was on a beach in a bikini. To my great pleasure I then had the benefit of seeing her at the same beach on several occasions and on successive years. The beach was Taramancos near Testal and close to Noia.

Although nothing short of exquisite, the lady mentioned above is not alone and the sub 35 year old females of Galicia all seem to share the same trait – beauty. To add to their “natural charms”, the messy, scruffy and altogether image “unconscious” appearance of most fat, overweight and slob like British women of a similar age is not duplicated in Galicia. Every female from an 8 year old to an 80 year old is smart and prideful of their appearance. Those between the ages of around 13 to, well probably 60, dress in the height of fashion, whether they are going out to a club or restaurant, or simply picking something up at a supermarket.

Going back to the beach, and the image of perfection mentioned earlier, she and nearly all Galician women arrive on a beach already dressed to kill, but then change (or usually remove) an outer layer of clothing to reveal a bikini beneath. The same ritual is duplicated, but reversed when it is time for them to leave. They arrive, leave and spend time on the beach looking like they have just walked off a movie set.

Are all Galician women attractive?

Actually not, but the way that they present themselves means that there is always some aspect of their physical features that they manage to show off or spotlight. As a result it almost always appears that they are.

I will continue these thoughts in my next blog and, if you are a British (as I am) and take offence at these comments, just look around next time you are in a supermarket, walking down a street or talking to a female friend. Is she one of those slobs who clearly gets no exercise, wears a cropped top (with her obesity hanging out) or breaks into a red faced sweat when walking from one fast food eatery to the next!

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