Thursday, April 26, 2007


Filey and Cayton Bay

This time next week we should be in Noia and it will be the end of a very long day. We need to drop our car off at Liverpool airport before 6.00am, so I think we will be leaving home around 4.00pm – possibly earlier. Hopefully I will be in a trance state and unruffled by my first experience of Ryanair in over a year.

I really do not know what to expect in terms of weather and suspect that the beach may be out. We will have to wait and see.

April has continued to show busy traffic on my Galicia sites (one of which may soon disappear), but I think that April is early for most of those seeking sun.

On a different note, we went to Filey, Cayton bay, Robin Hood’s bay etc last Saturday. The weather was bright, but not sunny, but it was good to see the coast. As ever I visited my favourite cake shop, Sterchi’s, and enjoyed the best fish and chip shop on planet earth, adjacent to the Star pub (also frequented) in Cayton Bay village. I have now been eating fish and chips there on summer trips for almost 40 years.

We also went to the weird Boggle Hole. This is a tiny rock and pebble beach which you reach by descending a steep hill. One of the creepy things about this place is that the sea/horizon level permanently appears above your eye line as you descend to the beach. Even when driving from there to Robin Hood’s bay, the many ships far out to sea appear above the horizon level when viewed from the road. It is all very odd and slightly disorientating.

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Monday, April 23, 2007


Final car rental comment

Continuing the theme of trying to find car rental prices in Galicia at comparative rates to those found in the south of Spain – We have been unsuccessful.

I ran through a dozen different companies from the internationals, nationals and regionals on Friday and, for a 2 ½ week stay, could not beat a figure of around £350 sterling. Frankly this is daylight robbery and in most cases this only included a basic CDW with no extra drivers or excess cover. This will clearly put people off visiting this part of Spain where a car is important if you plan to explore anything more than the main cities. It will also result in a loss of business for the car rental companies. We ourselves have decided to use a “family available” car when we are in Galicia in a week and a bits time, even though we would have rented had the prices been “fair”. The compensation is of course the cheap air fares and the relatively good value accommodation, the later of which you can get caught with unless you compare prices first.

Finally, unless I make an as yet unpredicted discovery relating to cheaper vehicle rental, this will be the last comment on car rental prices in the area. At least for a while.

Friday, April 20, 2007


la para

The last week has actually seen car hire prices in Galicia (for July 2007) drop by around £15/wk with holiday autos. One way to get an idea of where they might be at some future time is to look at how much they are for a booking in say 2 weeks. This produces another slight drop, but clearly tariffs are up on last year.

Many thanks to all those who have visited Galicia Guide over the last 2 years. The site has now had over a quarter of a million visitors, most in the last 9 months or so. Hopefully it has gone some way to making more people aware of this beautiful part of Spain and clearly Galicia, Asturias, Leon etc are becoming better known as tourist destinations.

As our May trip to Noia grows closer I am wondering if the “la para” tapas bar has now closed down as planned. We have always started our holiday off with our first meal there and the prospect of not eating there again is a disappointing one. Also restricting our local eatery potential is the presence of a particular individual at the Mama Mias pizzeria. I am hoping that she may have moved on since last summer, but somehow doubt it.

This will also be the earliest that I will have been in Galicia, so I will have first hand experience of weather conditions.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Galica vehicle rental

Car hire in Galicia

We are continuing to explore car hire options, but have seen no fall in the rates of holiday autos, hertz, avis etc. We have also looked at the “moneysupermarket” website which does have a cheaper option, but one using a rental company that we had big problems with in 2002. A German company using local providers (in the same way as holiday autos) appears to offer the best deal when you include daily excess cover, extra driver charges etc and we intend to look in to them further.

For anyone interested, in connection with the flights that I mentioned in the last entry, we also booked offsite car storage for 9/10 days next to Liverpool airport for £38. I think that this is very reasonable, especially compared with a similar arrangement that we made at a football ground near Stanstead airport 2 years ago which cost around £70 for 7 days.

I will start the redesign of GG over the next week or two and adjust the style sheets to fixed rather than relative sizing with an optimal monitor setting of 17 inches. The new look will not include any great changes, but the obvious ones will be: white columns either side of the web page content (rather than an auto stretch function that elongates everything), additional buttons to the commercial bar and primarily a completely new scaled up page count to the Spanish language section. This will duplicate the content of the English language pages although the actual translation and content adding will take place over months rather than weeks. All told it will be a very big job, but should have the potential to “at least” double visitor numbers. I may aslso increase the size of photos, again over time.

As ever, for more information about Galicia and the rest of Green Spain, check out the links to the left and also the google advertisements below them.

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Monday, April 16, 2007


Ryanair from Liverpool

We have added a second Galician visit to the one already arranged. We will spend a week in Galicia next month, although on a low budget.

We picked up the flights from Ryanair at a total cost of £68 for both returns including taxes (which account for most of the figure). We will not be hiring a car this time around, although a family vehicle is available for us to use if necessary.

I have yet to visit Galicia this early in summer/spring, so it will be interesting to see what the weather is like and what temperatures are achieve. It will also be our first use of the newish Ryanair route from Liverpool to Santiago de Compostela.

Re: Galicia Guide
Of late I have received a number of emails asking for information about Galicia’s weather, especially “off-season”. There are some pages covering the climate across the region on the guide, so please look at these rather than emailing me – there is nothing further that I can add. If what you find there does not satisfy you, then take a look at , whose site has a good section on the weather around Pontevedra in the southern part of the region.

As stated many times, I would also point out that Galicia Guide is not an official guide to the region. We are based in the UK and have no affiliations with either the Galician or Spanish tourist boards. We have no access to leaflets or guides produced by these authorities and no connections with any of the regions towns, bagpipe troupes, festivals etc. Consequently, if you want guides or to arrange a link up with a musical group in the area, you will need to contact the source directly. You may be able to get town guide leaflets from turgalicia – who have a website.

For anyone wishing to contact GG, this must now be done using the form on the contact page. Unfortunately this has become necessary in order to filter out the massive volumes of spam that we receive.

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