Monday, June 18, 2007


Car rental Galicia

We have “reluctantly” just made a booking for a rental car for 2 and a half weeks in July/August at a cost of £348.

For me this is daylight robbery.

The car in question is a 2 door (the smallest and cheapest one on offer) and although this price is inclusive of not just CDW, but also a daily excess, this is nothing short of extortionate. My sister has also booked (and through the same company) a vehicle which is 3 classes higher for a weekly charge of almost 50% less.

Why, because she benefits from Southern Spain’s tourist car hire rates, whilst in the north we pay a premium.

But it is worse than that. Last year we paid less money for an extra week’s worth of car hire at the same time of year and through the same company.

Why such a massive increase?

It can only be greed, but Galicia will ultimately pay the price as today’s tourists are no fools. No one likes being ripped off and the “bad taste in the mouth” does not just stick with the car rental companies, it also extends to the location in question - Galicia.

Can I give you any good advice on car rental this year? I am afraid not, they are all out to rip you off and last years tips and recommendations no longer apply.

All I would add is that if you can get away without a car the buses are clean cheap and “generally” on time.


Sunday, June 10, 2007



I have now uploaded the first stage of, my latest northern Spain project.

The aim is to offer a similar guide to Asturias as I currently have with Galicia. One difference is that whilst Galicia Guide has evolved and expanded over time in a random and unplanned way, the Asturias equivalent will be more structured (less personal in the comments) and more based on what I “think” readers would want to know about as apposed to what interests me personally.

That may be good or bad and since GG has proven so successful on SE’s and with visitors, I am loathed to change things too much. What I will continue to do though is add info that is not available anywhere else and hopefully this new guide will help holiday planners and potential house buyers in Asturias in the same way as GG in Galicia.

Some differences in indexing and content include that additions of info on things like adventure sports, walking and hiking and the Picos de Europa, which are particular to Asturias and also to the interests of many of their visitors.

Feedback (non offensive) from anyone looking at the site will be appreciated.

Sunday, June 03, 2007


wild birds in Yorkshire

I frequently refer to the wildlife of Galicia including eagles and dolphins, but yesterday saw some great spectacles in Yorkshire England. *Between Bramhope and Otley to be precise.

We went out to Otley, a really quaint Yorkshire town (a la Noia) and on route saw 6 red kites and a buzzard. All have been reintroduced into England over the last few years and are seemingly thriving in north eastern England today. Red kites are quite spectacular to watch and have the most amazing colours when soaring on a bright sunny day.

In terms of other unusual birds that we have seen recently, you can also add “cranes”, which are massive and that we see quite often, plus sparrow hawks and kestrels and I saw, what I was yesterday told was, a barn owl in Liverpool 3 weeks ago. Sorry for the awful grammar, but I am doing other things at the same time as writing this!

For the dissenter to my websites about northern Spain, more bad news. I have a new one: and it will be populated with guides to towns, cities and other features of the region very shortly. As ever there will be opinions and personal views and, as ever, 99% of them will be positive, but the 1% will no doubt be picked up on by those who feel that none but the natives may have a negative view. I will have to live with that.

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