Monday, July 16, 2007


Galicia holiday and guide

In the early hours of tomorrow morning we will leave for Liverpool airport and from there to Santiago de Compostela.

Our last Ryanair flights were good and there were no problems with anything including the luggage. This time we are taking over even less weight, so baggage allowances should not be a problem – we will have to wait and see!

The weather across Galicia has been suffering the same rain and cloud that we have been experiencing here in the UK, only not to such extremes.

Although some sun is forecast over the next week or so the temperatures are decidedly low and not what we were hoping for.

As ever with weather forecasters, I hope that we can rely on their ineptitude and that things “weather wise” will be better than predicted.

Galicia Guide

Many thanks to all who have visited Galicia Guide over the last few months. I have just noticed that the site has had over 340K visitors since it started in Feb 2005 and almost half of those have come from the last 6 months.

To those who have looked at the site for holiday planning, or if considering the purchase of property in Galicia, I hope that it has helped, or at least that it has pointed you in the right direction.

To anyone (Spanish or Galician) who somehow took offence at something that they read on the site, this is not my intention. What I would say though, is that I doubt it possible to write over 400 pages of information about any tourist destination and have nothing critical to say. That said, I think that only 4 or 5 pages on the entire site contain negatives and amazingly they are not the pages that are citied by those who wish to complain.

If you do have an objection or criticism, do remember that the site is,

1. A tourist guide and an independent and “subjective” (not objective) one at that.

2. It is not put together from a Spanish perspective, but from an English, American, Irish, Australian etc, one.

3. It is about personal opinions and views of Galicia that I, as an English person, am better placed to give to other English speakers that someone from the country and region itself.

4. The views in the guide are mine (or those of the person who submitted the article) and they are precisely that – just “views”. Nothing opinionated is stated as fact and if you disagree with anything and put forward a reasoned alternative, I will happily add it to the site.

5. Finally, just like everyone else I do change my mind, make mistakes and get some details wrong, so try to read the guide for what it is and not something that it is not.

Now I am off to finish packing and hopefully get some sun over the next couple of weeks.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Galicia holiday - July 2007

We leave for 19 days in Galicia on the 17th of this month.

Because of website commitments it looks like 2 or 3 days will be spent in Asturias, but the remainder will be a holiday and one which will not (for a change) be dictated by an itinerary of places to visit for

Not that is to say that we will not be travelling around – we will feel obliged to do so in order to get some kind of value from the excessively high car hire price that we have paid.

For the first time since 2003 we will not be staying in the apartment in Noia, but rather a house above the main town in an area called el Couto.

The house belongs to my wife’s aunt and she and her daughter have generously arranged for us to stay there. They both live in Gran Canaria. The view from the living room looks down to the town along one of the rivers that bisect it with the mountains behind. Hopefully there will be a photo of the view here!!!

Also in Noia at the time will be my wife’s parents plus the members of the family who live there full time.

I hope on this visit to finally spend some serious time in Vigo. We have driven through it many times, but never made a serious stop. I also intend to explore the north east of Galicia this time – probably on route to Asturias. Time will also be spent in Pontevedra with Colin Davies and we will meet up with other friends both there and in Noia.

One thing I do intend to do, is to investigate is the continuing disappearance of sand on some of the la Coruna province’s beaches.

Locals put it down to erosion, but with some detailed knowledge (and a partly relevant qualification) in this area, I know that the sand has been taken on a large scale for construction. It is both sad and disgraceful, but Galicia is still a poor economy in some ways and corruption (even in the context of Britain’s Blair administration) is rife there.

If you were offered thousands of Euros to turn a blind eye to trucks taking sand off a beach that you never used you might be tempted!

As my excitement is raised over the coming Galician trip, I will make further entries and try to justify this blog,s existence which, based on new entries, has been lacking of late.

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