Thursday, September 27, 2007



In just over 2 weeks we “should” be off to Galicia again, but it seems that our friends there have all decided to leave the country during our visit - with fellow blogger Colin Davies returning to the UK and our other main friends heading to the USA.

Personally, I could probably do without this trip, but the choice is not mine!

For those interested in such things, traffic levels to my sites about Galicia have fallen this month. Not through SE positions, but no doubt because the thought of summer holidays are now quite some way off for most. I expect the decline to continue in to next month and then for things to pick up.

Camino de Santiago

For anyone interested in doing the Camino de Santiago, here is a detailed step by step and day by day blog by someone I know through Galicia Guide ( - I have disabled this link because it appears to be dead. If this is so it is a great shame as the lady in question had a great Camino diary). She did the full nine yards, starting in France and weathering all conditions and eventualities. It is perfect reading for anyone considering a similar challenge.

Some new pages on

In mentioning a Vigo update in last time out, I neglected to add that I had also added the 2 Panton pages (Panton) which I forgot to include a year ago!

I also have a page (maybe two once photos are added) on Mondonedo in the north of Galicia. I should get round to completing it and uploading it in the next 2 to 3 weeks. Mondonedo is a town with a great medieval quarter and a large cathedral. It sits pretty close to Asturias and is possibly easier to visit from there than southern Galicia.

Thursday, September 13, 2007



With busy times at the moment I am struggling to maintain any regularity of entries in this blog.

I am also in need of finding out something about a “blog catalogue”. It would seem that this is a directory of blogs that I submitted to (or was submitted to) a while ago. I am now getting emails from this site telling me that various other bloggers have joined my “neighbourhood”, but I have not yet had the chance to find out exactly what my neighbourhood is, or indeed how to reciprocate this gesture!


On I have finally (after 2 years) added a proper multi page guide about Vigo. There are now 13 pages with about 40 pics and information about the old town, the city and lots of other things. It was a great city (though not quite as nice as Pontevedra) and I enjoyed visiting it.

If you want to see the new pages, click on the titiel "Vigo" above.

A week ago I had a very negative, and indeed threatening, email from a Galician who took offence to some of my comments in Galicia Guide about Pontevedra.

Given the fact that I really like this city and write about it in a complementary manner I was surprised. I responded in an equally unequivocal way and 2 days later received a very conciliatory reply.

The reason I mention this is because similar things have happened on a number of previous occasions. I get a sometimes quite nasty email, I reply to it, and then receive a profusely apologetic response.

I think this says a lot about the Galician nature in that it is very defensive about nationality, including that of region and city, and will jump to defend what it sees as an injustice in an out of proportion way. However, on being confronted with the reasons behind any comments and, having cooled down a bit, the same person is keen not to end the exchange on a bad note. In the case of the person mentioned above, the final email was an invitation to meet up when I was next in the region.

Strange that by contrast in the UK, any similar interaction just continues to escalate until there is a stand off, or indeed violence. A great shame, or perhaps we have simply lost the ability to have a verbal exchange based on differing views.

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