Thursday, November 22, 2007


Interest in Galicia

Both from looking at visitor statistics from my own 3 Galicia related websites, and after some information relating to property company websites covering Galicia, it would seem that web traffic about the region is down.

This is not surprising and is the case for most seasonal holiday and property related websites. The period leading up to Christmas is especially slow when it comes to visitor numbers as most people are planning for something other than an overseas trip to a 4 season climate.

Visitor numbers started to decline in October and have continued this month. I anticipate similar (or worse levels) through to the middle of January. Once Christmas credit card statements are sorted out people start looking at forth coming holidays and with a bit of luck, interest and traffic related to Galicia will improve.

As a confirmation of this, the weather in Galicia is presently not very good and far from ideal if you want a break or to look at a potential property.

That said, viewing properties in inclement weather is actually a good idea as any damp, leaks, or other water related problems will be obvious – not always the case in summer.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Galicia Ryanair etc

With limited time available, my blog entries have become more and more spasmodic and I have now paid the price with a two point PR drop on google.

Part of the reason for this (and I am not complaining) is the fact that I have spent around 4 weeks out of the last 4 months on holiday – but I also have a lot of work on and no foreseeable end to it (again I am not complaining about that).

Some time ago I mentioned a company called Galicia Mystic Tours. They started business almost a year ago to the day and run guided tours of Galicia and all the towns and places of interest in it.

I am really just giving them a plug here, but they have run a significant number of tours for English and Spanish groups and seem to be doing a fantastic job. The people running the business are called Rose Marie and Vicente and they are fast gaining a very good reputation. If you are interested (irrespective of group size) in a tour of Galicia, take a look at their website by clicking on the underlined text.

Apparently the great weather in Galicia broke on Friday, just as it did here (UK) and the rain has now come. For any gardeners it will be a welcome relief although too late for those in the wine industry who got it at the wrong time in July.

At some point I will also mention (or write about) a bodega in Pontevedra who make excellent Albarino - and I seriously mean one of the best available. We have drunk it (courtesy of Colin Davies –another Blogspot blogger) and were taken around the bodega by the English joint owner and manager.

Finally, although I included details in last month, Ryanair will resume their Liverpool to Santiago de Compostela flights from April next year – a great relief.

We used them several time this year and their service was excellent for a budget airline. Ticket prices start at 99 pence and (with a subsidy from ******) prices are always going to be incredibly cheap, so take advantage and keep the route running.

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