Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Eating in Noia

Here is a link ( to a couple of reviews of Noia, or more specifically, things in Noia.

One covers the Santa Maria church just off the alameda and the other relates to a restaurant called Marico (I must confess that I thought that it was called Marisco – my mistake) on the Rua de Galicia in the town centre.

In the case of the latter, the writer is correct in that the ownership of Marico has changes a couple of times, although I believe that it is currently back in the tenure of the original family.

We last ate there in 2005 and the food was good value and the service more than acceptable. For us it was slightly bland, but this is typical (to an English or American pallet) of many Galician dishes. The Galician’s are not fans of spices, sauces and other additions and prefer the taste of the item that you eat (e.g. a meat or vegetable) to a sauce, marinade or paste. This is why every curry house and Indian restaurant dies a death in Galicia – even in cities like Pontevedra.

Following on from that, there is a solitary Chinese restaurant in Noia, but if you are English speaking or Chinese, do not venture into it. The food is regrettably tasteless and, although appearing to be Cantonese, has none of the flavourings of those dishes.

If you are interested in our (subjective) tips on where to eat, you can see this page which also has links to a couple of reviews and a bar guide to Noia.

You can also take a look at Colin Davies’ “Eating and Drinking in Galicia” page for more info and a very good list of menu/food translations near the bottom of the page. See

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