Monday, December 08, 2008


TV drama

Deviating from Galicia again, I watched a 2 hour drama starring Victoria Wood last night.

Set during WWII it was the true story of how a woman with a nervous disposition coped with and expanded her horizons during the war. I am not a fan of Wood, but the drama was well written, well acted and it was probably the first “half descent” production that I have seen on terrestrial TV all year.

Becoming a commoner again, Wolfie (Martin Adams) won the darts masters event in Bridlington yesterday with a stunning display. His semi final, with an average of over 107 and almost 70% checkout rate, would have annihilated Phil “the power” Taylors efforts in the Grand Slam of darts 3 weeks ago. It was also interesting to see that averages were constantly in excess of 100 for many of the matches, confirming what I have always thought, that the standard in the BDO is higher than that of the PDC.

Still no published confirmation, or otherwise, on the Ryanair Liverpool to Santiago flight route.

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