Wednesday, February 25, 2009


A bad start to the day

My frustration at the emails, and indeed sometimes responses to emails that I send, is now reaching new levels of irritation.

Do people ever actually read? Or do they guess what someone has written and fashion a response based upon that.

I emailed someone a couple of days ago with what I thought was clearly a humorous remark, only to get a response that missed the point and corrected me on a deliberate inaccuracy intended at amusement. This from someone I have known for a number of years!

Today one of my email accounts has three emails from so called SEO specialists all offering to give a particular website of mine some “search engine exposure”. The site is on page one and ranked 1, 2 or 3 on around 300 different and serious searches. These people are even incapable of recognising that this site has already achieved far more than they can ever deliver, so why have they sent the email in the first place.

A further collection of emails request reciprocal links with complementary comments about the websites of mine that they wish to exchange links with. Each points out how they have looked carefully at the site, like the content and have scrutinised the link pages. However, all are lies as my link information makes it absolutely clear that their sites are unsuitable, do not meet my link criteria and would have their request rejected. Clearly, they have not looked at anything!

Here is an example of the first line of one such (“comparatively” reasonable) request for a link with one of my “travel related” websites.

“I have come across your website while browsing and find the website resource section quite interesting and relevant to one of our business partner's websites.”

The topic of the aforementioned website is “commercial insurance”. I have yet to figure out the relevancy that they refer to!!!!

Finally, here is a great link and one that will be supported by any supporter of democracy, whatever their religion:

I can only add that I wish that I lived in Australia, although I should point out that the political leanings of Galicia are exactly the same, despite the sickening liberalism and political correctness of a few English speakers who live there.

If you want to live in a country, then adapt. If you cannot, then perhaps you are in the wrong place.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Ryanair flights from Liverpool - cancelled

This will probably be my final post on the Ryanair route from Liverpool to Santiago de Compostela which has now “officially” being cancelled for 2009.

For more information on the shameful background to this cancellation you can check out this Liverpool and Ryanair link which will also refer to a total of 10 Liverpool flights being cancelled for this year.

Naturally these cancellations will (in fact they have already) resulted in many job loses.

In summary the cancellations are down to the trash that run this country, namely the “toffs and terrier” brigade who went to Oxbridge, qualified with a degree in law or accountancy, but who have never done a days work in their lives because they went straight into politics.

These people run our country with no experience of life and one of two interests.

Either to line their own pockets, or (like Blair), to try and write themselves into political history at the expense of the very people who they are supposed to represent.

I should add that Blair did both, he also lined his pocket with £7m last year from idiots in the USA who paid him for corporate speaking. One can only assume that they wanted a first hand recital of how to F**k up a country in order to ensure that they do not do the same thing themselves.

What has this got to do with the flight cancellations referred to above?

Well put simply, exorbitant and unnecessary taxes, not a lack of customers, have made these 10 routes unviable. The result is that other countries like Germany will now see extra Ryanair flight schedules and better services (along with new jobs) whilst we in the UK loose out on every level.

The British government has simply made it financially impossible for this carrier to operate this service and this is when the route is subsidised by the Galician government. It has a head start on all the rest!

Is there any hope for this God Dammed country with people like this running it!!!!!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009


Photos of Galicia

This is a very quick and brief post and its main aim is to include this link to my wife’s cousin’s photos of Galicia.

They are in truth some of the best (if not the best) photos that I have seen of the region and they cover everywhere from Noia to Santiago and his home town of Lousame. I only wish that in “my few thousand shots of Galicia” I had more than 3 or 4 to compare with these.

There are 11 pages and the topics cover seafront scenes, historic buildings, monuments and even some motorbikes.

If you want to see a snap shop of Galicia with some Celtic festivals, beach and inland photos, check out page 4, but frankly all of the pics are great.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Anglo Galician Association

Info about the AGA is below this!I

have said many time before, but I will reiterate again (as if it makes any difference), that comments sent to this blog with the sole intention of gaining back links to other sites will be rejected.

I moderate any comments made and those that assume that a meaningless “tap on my back” will get their links published are poorly informed.

For those attempting this, the fact that your blogger accounts are always empty, have no entries, no profiles, and nothing else, just confirms the benignity of your “sincere comments”.

That said, thanks for giving me something to write about, I was struggling to come up with a post today and you have all made it happen.

The weather in much of Galicia is, for those who are interested, much improved with cold but bright sunny days on the horizon. Here in the UK more snow is forecast.


For anyone with a question about Galicia, try the AGA (Anglo Galican Association) rather than me. They are apparently slightly disillusioned by the lack of action on their notice board. So here is their url for anyone interested. There is also a mailing list that you can request to be added to – but again by them and not me.

AGA url =

Their email and contact info is at that link.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


The destruction of Britain

Continuing a long running theme of how politicians and minority groups undermine Britain, i.e. what Britain is, e.g. its heritage, culture, social and religious structures etc, here is something that I picked up on “as a question” on a TV quiz show the other day.

What was formerly the “Dept of National heritage” is now apparently renamed the “Dept of Culture media and sport”.

What a f******g offence. And that is my first ever use of that word in (disguised or any other) written form - ever.

Are we really supposed to believe that the oldest western democracy backed by a culture that, in documented form, dates back over 2,000 years can be best defined as sport and culture.

This is yet another way of disengaging and distancing ethnic British people from everything that has made them what they are. It remains fine to have the Notting Hill carnival (a West Indian festival) along with numerous asian celebrations (all supported by tax payers money), but our own culture cannot even continue under that name.

In Galicia no support is given for any none-indigenous cultures, their traditions or heritage - and rightly so.

Indeed, as I have said before, any official communications (and the required responses) are not sent out in 43 different languages with the indigenous one at the end. Only one language is used – Gallego, and if you cannot respond in that – tough. And yes, that means that Castellano (regular Spanish) is also not acceptable.

Now that is how you protect your culture, ensure integration and make dam sure that any immigrant who chooses to live in your country does so because they see it as a privilege and one that they should respect.

At some point in the future, when I have enough time, I will document what my in-laws (Spanish immigrants from Galicia) had to do (and indeed were not allowed to do) in order to gain work permits, citizenship and the rest in 1960’s Britain.

Their efforts to work and start a new life in Britain with no claim to any benefits (including the health service), are truly spat on in this politically correct state that now gives subsidised jobs to foreigners whilst the UK sees it highest unemployment in over 20 years.

What a country.

Incidentally, for those who read my occasional deviations from Galician topics to subjects like these and assume that I am just one of the “silent majority”, be assured I am not. I am anything but silent and will make my views (despite the restrictions to freedom of speech) audible at every opportunity possible to who and whatever the audience.

Monday, February 02, 2009


My 300th Post - Tennis and Darts

After a weekend covering two of my favourite sports I will deviate from Galicia to tennis and darts for a change.

Starting with the darts

The PDC darts event saw (not surprisingly) Phil Taylor win again. Frankly, his domination of the PDC side of this sport makes almost every final an anticlimax and, even though Taylor played some truly appalling darts in the first half of the final, he still ran out a comfortable winner.

For all of those who doubt the ability of the rival BDO side of darts, the losing finalist was playing in the BDO only 8 months ago, but still beat the best of the PDC.

The highlight of the event was Dennis Priestley’s comeback from 0-6 to record a brilliant 7-6 win against fellow multi world champ (in both the BDO and PDC) John Part.

Tennis – Roland Garros

Yet again Spain’s Rafa triumphed over Roger Federer in a performance that defied, or perhaps redefined, what a human being is physically capable of.

The brilliant Nadal played the longest ever Australian Open tennis match in his semi and did not finish until the early hours of Saturday. The match lasted 5 hours and 14 minutes and he did not get to bed till gone 5.00am.

Federer on the other hand played a day earlier, had a regulation 3 set victory over Andy Roddick, but still ran out of steam in the four and a half hour final.

This now means that Nadal holds 3 of the 4 Grand Slam titles concurrently and has not lost to Federer since 2007. That is a run of 5 victories: 3 on clay, 1 on grass, and 1 on hard courts. More significantly, he has won the last 3 grand slam finals that they have contested and all on different surfaces.

I may be wrong, but I believe that their overall standings in head to head matches see Nadal lead 13 to 6. Federer has only ever had a lead over Nadal once and that was after their first meeting at Indian Wells in 2005!

Also worthy of note is the fact that, at 22 years of age, Nadal now has 6 Grand Slams. At the same age Federer had just won his first. It makes one wonder just how many titles Nadal may ultimately acquire!

The other big question is whether or not Federer can equal – let alone exceed – Pete Sampras’ 14 Slams record.

12 months ago it seemed a formality, but now with Federer seemingly unable to beat Nadal on any surface and with a 3 - 6 “head to head” deficit against up and coming Andy Murray and loses in 2 of his last 3 matches against Djokovic it may never happen.

The other question is whether or not Rafa can complete a career grand slam this year?

He now requires only the US Open to achieve a feat only completed by Rod Laver and Andre Agassi in the Open Era. Federer of course needs just the French Open, but with loses to Nadal (3 finals and 1 semi) in the last 4 years this now looks less probable.

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