Friday, June 19, 2009


Weather in Noia

I was just looking at the weather for this weekend and I decided to checkout how things looked in Santiago/Noia. So this is their four day forecast.

Saturday – sunny and 25 degrees C
Sunday – sunny and 29 degrees C
Monday – sunny and 33 degrees C
Tuesday – sunny and 24 degrees C

It certainly looks like Galicia is the place to be over the next few days and I just hope that this kind of outlook greets us in a months time when we are there.

I have mentioned a number of times the “up and down” visitor figures/stats for my Galicia related sites and I have also contrasted them with another northern Spain guide that I run about Asturias.

Right now the Asturias site is as busy as it has ever been with more visitors and page views than ever. Interesting that the same is not quite true when it comes to Galicia.

It remains a contrast that I can only explain with the discontinuation of some of the UK to Galicia Ryanair flights, but maybe there is some other hidden reason that I know nothing about.

The other interesting thing is that I have received 3 enquiries about property in the Galicia region over the last week or two. This again seems at odds with some of the other things that are going on. Personally, I do not think that this is the best time in the world to buy property anywhere, but then again I am not in a position to do so.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The weekend

I did indeed move past my 1,000,000th visitor to GG last week and now look forward to the next million. At present visitor rates it should be reached much more quickly. I also achieved a couple of other website milestones during the course of the same few days, but I will not bore anyone with them here.

The weekend at my in-laws proved very enjoyable and was made even more so by the unexpected presence of my wife’s youngest brother who is never short of a conversation and who has an extensive (but interestingly delivered) knowledge of gadgets, IT and many other interesting subjects.

The weekend was also enhanced by the dining which featured one of my favourites, a chicken and rice dish with prawns, squid and many other flavourings.

On the downside, my wife’s father’s excessively flowering garden did set my hayfever off for the first time this year.

The drive up and down the M1 was also interesting as our car seemed to attract a lot of attention, though fortunately in a positive way.

We are now only about a month away from our Galicia trip and I am still struggling for enthusiasm – I know not why!

Possibly because two sets of friends that we have over there are perhaps not having the best of times, but also because the holiday period seems to have been reached so quickly this year. Hopefully I will enjoy it once we are over there.

Friday, June 12, 2009


The property market!

We will spend this weekend in North London visiting my wife’s parents before they head off to Galicia in about 10 days. I believe that they will be there till around October, so we will be seeing them again in July.

Finally we have some blue sky today and the same should be true in Noia where a hot sunny day is forecast. I hope that it proves to be the start of a long warm summer, but that may be asking too much.

I have noticed that this year has seen no mention of any northern Spanish territory on holiday programs or the many “buy a home abroad” shows that made numerous mentions of Galicia and Asturias last year.

All told this is quite surprising given the collapse of the southern Spanish property market and the relative robustness of the estate sector in the north. Then again these programs are never based on common sense or the best interests of the “would be” buyers who in most cases want nothing more than their 15 minute of TV fame.

Talking of the real estate market in Galicia I see that some estate agents there are resorting to sending out email circulars with their latest properties promoted on them. I doubt that this is a good idea as people soon become irritated by this and block the sender. A further downside to this is that google can recognise this response and may even bar the guilty email accounts.

I have also had communiqués from some southern Spanish solicitors wishing to promote there services in the north of Spain. This just reinforces how bad the property market now is in the over developed and highly overpriced south.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


One million

All being well, today should be a big day for my Galicia site as it will hit one million visitors.

The site started back in 2004 on a different domain and was transferred to its current home the next year. Since then the visitor levels have continually improved and I have seen the statcounter record visitors from many countries that I previously did not even realise existed.

Unfortunate therefore that this mini milestone happens at a time when Galicia has slumped somewhat in tourist activity, but this is true of many destinations right now.

On a different note, I sometimes mention Galician wine and I see that finally Albarino is universally available in supermarkets in the north of England, namely, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury etc. About time.

Unfortunately I was unable (because I do not like him) to watch Roger Federer win at Roland Garros, however his win is a significant achievement and means that, since Rod Laver, only he and Agassi have captured all four slams.

I do however expect Rafa to join that club in September when, if he is healthy again, he should pick up the US Open and complete the set.

We are still several weeks away from visiting Galicia this year and, as yet, I must confess to having no great desire to get there! Why I do not know, but this has been a strange year and I am struggling (like many) to get enthusiastic about anything. Hopefully something will kick-in as we get closer to the date and getting back together with friends.

Thursday, June 04, 2009



Some time ago I had a brief, but highly irritating discourse with a pratt at wikipedia.

Wikipedia is not the fountain of knowledge as many assume, nor is any of their information validated, proof read, or indeed based on any kind of research or investigation into a source. It is simply an open access forum posing as an information resource. In short a fraud by any other name.

Back to my story – At around this time, some 2 years ago, I noticed that one of my pages had been largely copied by this mob so, as an existing account holder, I credited my stolen work rather than insist that they remove it.

To cut a long story short, All links to my site were removed by “an editor” (as also I am pleased to say was the plagiarised content), and so I thought that was an end to it.

Some time later however I spotted a statcounter link to one of my pages from the aforementioned site and a dialogue from the same pratt editor to (what I assume to be) another editor. In short it said that my site was a lightweight tourist guide with no factual content, that I was a spammer, and that no links to my site should be added!! (If you are he (Jamie whatever), then lets meet up some time. I don’t hide behind words and emails!)

2 years later I now see that new links have been added and that my “spam site” is now listed a source of reference used by this wonderful site.

What a bunch of arrogant, ill mannered, uneducated and hypocritical wan***s the editors at wikipedia are. And, like all such people, they hide behind a cloak of anonymity.

Monday, June 01, 2009


Nadal out!

I was stunned to see what looked like Rafa Nadal at the French Open yesterday. But the person who looked like him certainly did not play like him and Nadal is now out leaving the title open for the vastly over rated Roger Federer.

Andrew Castle must have spent the whole night playing with himself in elation. In fact as I write this, Federer has just lost a set to Tommy Hass and my guess is that his main problem is the fact the Castle is so far up his backside that it is affecting his game!

I see that the “now British” Andy Murray is still only giving interviews to BBC Scotland and BBC radio Scotland. No doubt that will change next month when he wants the English and Welsh to support him at Wimbledon. What a two face pratt he is. I just hope that he and Fed do not meet in the French Open final as it will be hard to decide who I want to lose the most.

In the ladies event my tip “Safina” looks almost certain to take the title with tennis that is almost unsurpassable, but Sharapova is finally back from surgery and injury and Serena Williams is still scraping through – although only just.

Away from tennis, the weekend weather was sublime and it has continued into today, but with a change due for next weekend. Not surprising as I am just about to order some patio furniture as my wife queues up at the DVLA with over 30 other people waiting in front of her. Might it not be a bad idea in times of recession to employ a few extra people there and, while they are at it, get some more people employed to make our appalling roads drivable.

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