Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Publicity for Galicia

Following on from the last post, an online travel magazine is intending to run a feature on Galicia in the month of February. Once I know a little bit more about it (including the date of availability) I will publish the details here.

At present all I know is that they are getting some outside content to go with any internal content that they may be producing themselves.

Details to follow.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Weather and visiting Galicia in 2010

The weather across Galicia has been generally poor over the last few days, although without the severe snow that has hit much of northern Europe. That said, it may yet be on its way!

Temperature wise, cities like Pontevedra are seeing lows that are getting close to freezing right now although daytime temperatures are getting into or close to double figures (Celsius).

Ourense on the other hand is seeing sub zero lows that have a risk of snow although at the moment the trend is a rise in night time temperatures over the forthcoming week.

Up in the north, Lugo has also seen some cold nights with today forecast to have a low of minus 3 degrees (C). Again however the next week shows a gradual increase to something more pleasant.

As with much of northern Europe, cloudy winter days tend to be warmer than their equivalent and much cooler bright and sunny days.

Flights and routes – no change

As far as Ryanair is concerned it would appear that there will be no resumption of the Liverpool (or indeed the East Midlands) UK flights from 2008. No announcement has been made and, given the advanced booking periods that most airlines offer, it would seem unlikely that any new Galicia related schedules will be released now. All bad news for those wishing to visit who are not within easy travelling distance of London.

For details of flight routes to the likes of Santiago de Compostela and la Coruna you can visit this page, which, although listing the flight routes for 2009, should still work for 2010.

If you want some holiday related information about the various places to visit in Galicia then you can try any of the following “start” pages which will give you a good picture of what Galicia and its numerous towns have to offer:

If you like the sound of Galicia and are also interested in other regions with a similar climate, scenery and lifestyle, then take a look at Asturias too. You will be able to get a feel for this region at: and


Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Galicia 2009

I can now look back over 2009 in terms of website interest in Galicia and it makes pretty disappointing reading.

Visitor numbers were, by the end of the year, down by almost 50% and the first few days of 2010 show that theme continuing.

To what extent this relates to the recession, the cancelling of Ryanair flights and a general lack of tourist promotion of this area I do not know. However the facts speak for themselves and they spell out, in direct terms, that Galicia is far less popular now than it was in 2007.

I have written many times that the region does not promote itself adequately and, with so many other new tourist zone competitors now free from the former Eastern block, Galicia has competition that it never had before.

Unfortunately, I do not see things changing and that is bad news for a region that now has a diminishing farming and fishing economy, but a wealth of potential tourist activity.

I think that the problems really started when the BNG got into regional government 4 or 5 years ago and completely changed the direction of turgalicia – the regional tourist board. Amazingly all the outside promotion stopped and everything focussed on promoting Galicia to galicians in Galicia.

This sounds amazing to any rational human being, but the complex political agendas of the Spanish regional parties mean that nothing outside their boundaries matters – even if it has a negative effect on the regional or national economy.

Will things change and will the situation be reversed?

I doubt it very much. The north of Spain bears little resemblance to the south in terms of climate, scenery, culture or politics. Indeed, the fact that Galicia is getting far fewer tourists will be seen as a bonus for many of the regions inhabitants and even some of those who work in the tourism industry. Again you have to know the area, the politics and the people to understand how that makes sense, but somehow to many it does. In fact if I remember I will give an example, in relation to the regional language, of something that was said by my wife’s parents recently which demonstrates the insanity of regionalism perfectly.

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