Tuesday, February 09, 2010


A place to stay in Galicia

I am not usually a big fan of promoting other Galicia related websites unless there is an obvious reason to do so, however I was recently contacted by the webmaster of this site http://www.lifeingalicia.com/ who also happens to have a very nice house for rent.

If you visit the site you can see a video of the house which appears to be in a very attractive setting with all of the rustic features that most people look for in a Galician holiday home. If you are interested, then visit the site using the link above and see for yourself. They have contact details on the site.

Staying with the theme of visiting Galicia, I just did a quick comparison of my visitor statistics for January 2010 compared to 2009. At the moment levels are almost exactly 10% down, but there has been a pick up over the last 2 weeks.

For anyone thinking about visiting this region what this means is that the beautiful scenery, quaint towns and stunning cities like Santiago de Compostela will be uncluttered, un-touristy and exactly what the typical Galician tourist will be hoping for.

If you are interested in an organised tour of Galicia, then contact toursofgalicia.net (Galicia Mystic Tours) where the owners and operators Rose Marie and Vicente will be able to put together a fantastic tour guided schedule for you. They will take parties of virtually any size from 2 to 200.

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