Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Weather and estate agents

Rain has been constant across most of Galicia since the end of 2009. Friends who are based there permanently tell me that they have just about had enough of it, but as they are about to depart for a vacation in Florida they can expect some sun soon.

As ever I have been monitoring internet visitor traffic to Galicia and there has been a definite rise over the last month or so. There have been numerous up and downs since the beginning of the year, but from late February onwards there has been an increase.

A good long term weather projection for this year would also help, but global warming seems to be doing a good job of global cooling and the politically motivated weather forecasters do not want to let go of their obsession.

One thing that I touched on some time ago was the plight of estate agents in Galicia and of course in Spain generally. There has been a massive decrease in their numbers. Many have gone to the wall, whilst others have decided to shut up shop until things improve. Amazingly, despite this there has been no real reduction in property values in Galicia! I guess that sellers out there are prepared to weather the storm, wait for things to get better, and then hike their prices up again.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Publications covering Galicia

I have decided that I will no longer contribute to magazines and e-magazines featuring Galicia. I have written copy, done a few interviews and contributed to numerous online and hard copy publications over the years. At one time I enjoyed it and the motivation was usually nothing more than the chance to promote the region and get a link back to my website. Additionally, up to three or four years ago the publishers that I dealt with seemed honest and as good as their word.

That said, on the last couple of occasions on which I have done this I have been unhappy with the result.

This month a fully illustrated article that I wrote was published with a dead link on the online version of the magazine. It may seem trivial, but when you spend a not inconsiderable amount of time writing the “thing” on the agreement of a backlink, and the link is then inoperative, it is very annoying.

It seems that when you give something for nothing (in monetary terms), rather than being treated correctly, you are taken advantage of. On this occasion the excuse was that it was now “too late to do anything about the error”.

Away from Galicia, but still with the north of Spain, there must have been a newspaper supplement or magazine featuring Asturias on Sunday. I saw a massive increase in traffic from about 9.00am all through the day. I could not spot any TV show covering the area, so I must conclude that there was a publication of sorts that came out that day.

I know that both Asturias and Galicia have seen severe winds over the last few days, but I have yet to speak/email friends who live there about it. No doubt I will find out the extent of any problems over the next couple of days.

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