Monday, April 26, 2010


Ferry and yellow!

I don’t get too many genuine comments made to this blog, however when I do I try to publish them.

That said I appear to have failed with a comment made last week regarding a possible ferry to northern Spain from Wales. So to the sender of that message I apologise if it is not appearing on the blog. I did hit the “publish” button, but it seems to have vanished even so.

As for the possibility of a ferry route from another part of the UK, it is a new one on me – I will have to check it out. But then again I was speaking to a friend last night who told me that, with reference to the Santander crossing that was supposedly to be cancelled later this year, they have so much traffic that they have laid on a second ferry for the route. It all confuses me, but then again that is not too difficult!

That said, this year is a Jubilee year in Santiago de Compostela and that results in a massive number of walkers and pilgrims heading out to Galicia and the various towns and cities from which one of the Camino routes can be accessed. As a result, the Santander double-up may be explained by this once in every ten years (or so) event.

Other than that I can only add that tourist interest in Galicia is higher than at this time last year. However, it is still well down on the previous two or three years when the Ryanair flights were in greater abundance and departing from more airports.

Finally, for anyone looking at visiting Galicia over the next three or four weeks, I can assure you that, weather permitting, this is the best time to visit. Every hill, meadow, mountain side and the rest is ablaze with yellow from the wild brooms bushes and the large yellow daisy-like flowers that pop up everywhere. It really is quite spectacular.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Getting to Galicia in 2010

The promotion of Northern Spain appears to have come to an almost complete halt here in the UK. Three or four years ago holiday programmes, property programmes and general interest TV shows were having a field day with Galicia, Asturias and the Basque Country - but now they are not mentioned.

Whether this is simply down to the problems with the economy and the difficulties that many Southern Spanish property owners are having I do not know. In any event some promotion of the region is long overdue and desperately in need.

I have mentioned over the last year the expense and difficulty in getting to Galicia from the UK if you live in the north of this country. The Ryanair Liverpool to Santiago de Compostela flight was cancelled (with no suggestion that it will be reinstated) and further bad news is now on the horizon for those wishing to drive to the north of Spain.

This news comes in the form of the intended cancellation (I believe in September 2010) of the ferry from Portsmouth to Santander.

This ferry route saved the need to drive down through France, some 600 miles, before reaching Spain’s north eastern most tip. In doing so it opened up northern Spain to those wishing to take their car and explore the area on four wheels.

The termination of this option, if it goes ahead as planned, will be yet another nail in the tourist coffin of Galicia and one that will undoubtedly reduce British visitor to the region still further. This at a time when tourism related businesses in the area are already facing a struggle.

Is there any good news?

Well actually yes. If you can get yourself to Galicia it will be just as unspoilt as ever and even more devoid of none Galicians than it has been for several years. For the typical Northern Spain tourist this makes it an even better option than before.

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