Thursday, August 11, 2011


Another Camino related question

The answer to last weeks question

The Camino that I was looking for in last weeks post was the “French Way” and the 33 stages of the main French Way total up (roughly) to around 800km or approximately 500 miles.

If you want to work out the exact “stage by stage” total I will leave that up to you. Stage distances can be found here - distances.

With the exception of a single page I have finally finished the new Camino de Santiago section of Galicia Guide so, inspired by that, I will ask another “Way of St. James” related question for this weeks challenge.

This week’s question

The Camino does of course conclude at the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela. However, where (i.e. in which town) does the French Camino actually start?

Again I am looking for the starting point of the “main” French Way, i.e. the point at which some of the other tributaries to the French Camino meet up and then continue along a consistent route to their final destination.

Clue – the town in question is on the banks of the river Nive.

Thursday, August 04, 2011


Ribeira - Finisterre

Since I started asking Galicia related questions my blog seems to have been “picked up” by a number of different sites who are sending me an increasing number of visitors. Whether this is good or bad I have yet to decide. It certainly increases my traffic count, but it is also sometimes resulting in my blog (or at least part of it) being indexed on other sites before the original source. I am not too sure that I am happy about that and I may opt out of the blogger syndication system.

Anyway, for the time being I will leave things as they are and move on to the answers to the last quiz.

Last weeks question answers

The large fishing port that I was referring to is Ribeira – see: to find out more.

The coast of death town that I was looking for is Finisterre – see: for more info.

Both of the above are certainly worth a visit if you happen to be in their vicinity, however they would not be near the top of my list of places to visit in Galicia. Actually, Ribeira does have a very nice (and large) beach!

This week’s question

I started posting these questions as a result of getting hits from the google “question a day” page which asked a Camino related question. So I will go back to the Camino de Santiago for this weeks challenge.

Questions (again in two parts) - what country does the longest of the various Camino routes originate from and what is that Camino called?

How long is this Camino (approximately)?

The clue for the first one is that it is a nation followed by the word “Way”.
i.e. _____ Way.

There is no clue for the second part other than to say that, in total, it is equal to several marathons (the running distance and not the chocolate bar now known as snikers!).

That reminds me, I need to start a campaign to get the original “Marathon” bar name reinstated.

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