Thursday, September 22, 2011


Black Jet

The semi precious stone about which I was asking in my last post was of course black Jet. It is found in narrow seams in and around both Santiago de Compostela and the Yorkshire seaside town of Whitby.
Interestingly, to me at least, when I was in Whitby back in May I bought my wife some jewellery from one of the specialist shops in Whitby. The owner and crafter was as it turned out quite famous in his line of work and, when he found out about our Santiago connection, he told us about an international meeting of jet cutters in Santiago some years back that he had attended. Apparently the Jet from both Whitby and Santiago is of a quality found nowhere else.

Another question

Galicia, and to be precise the town of Padron, is famous throughout Spain and the Spanish speaking world because of its connections with a female author. She was in fact a poet and her prose are even more popular now than they were during her lifetime. Her story is an interesting and also, ultimately, a sad one and there is a museum all about her in Padron.

So, what is her name?

Answer in my next post.

Finally, Galicia has had one of its driest summers on record. The result, aside from a good sun tan, has been an increasing number of forest fires. It is interesting though that the damage to land and the loss of life has been much lower this time round than in the past. It would seem that the way in which these fires are dealt with and the evacuation of human beings has improved as the experience of the forest fire problem has increased.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Saint Jean Pied-de-Port

My posts seem to be getting ever more sparse. The reason, or excuse, is a mix of work and home renovations which are dictating everything in my life at the moment. So, with apologies for the delay in blog posts, here is my first post of September over a months after my last one in August.

The belated answer to my last question is Saint Jean Pied-de-Port in France and more information about this town and the Camino de Santiago: French Way can be found from this link -

This week’s question

I am trying to think up a question for this post and the thing that comes to mind is this.

Which mineral, classed as a precious stone, is Santiago de Compostela famous for?

The clue to this one is that Whitby in the UK is also famous for crafting the same stone into jewellery items. I could add even more clues, but that really would be giving the game away.

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