Thursday, October 27, 2011


Daniel Alfonso Rodriguez Castelao

My very delayed follow up to may last post is here.

In the question that I previously posed I asked who the godfather of everything Galician was.

The answer is a man called Daniel Alfonso Rodriguez Castelao who is strongly associated with the town of Rianxo where you can see a statue of him along with the house that he once occupied.

Different people have very different views of Rodriguez Castelao. Many see him as the instigator of the nationalist movement in Galicia and those who promote this cause view him as an inspirational figure.
In truth I do not know enough about him to form a view about his political goals and ambitions, however I do know that he was keen to promote the Galician identity and everything, from the lifestyle to the language, that is associated with it.

Next question

This is a slightly more involved question and it relates to an event, a castle and a festival that has developed around a particular location.

What I want is to know the name of a place in Galicia where there are the remains of a castle and an annual festival (held by the river adjacent to the castle) that has Viking long boats renacting a past event. It is a big fiesta in Galicia and attracts a lot of people and numerous stands selling everything from mementoes to food and drink.

Answer in my next post.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Rosalia de Castro

The answer to the last question was the author and poet Rosalia de Castro and there is a museum in her former house in Padron. The guide who was there the last time that we visited speaks very good English and will happily take English speakers to one side and translate his Spanish commentary into English.

The museum mixes examples of Castro’s work with originally furnished rooms to offer a feel for how the author lived and the literary works that she produced. The museum is just outside of the main town, i.e. no more than a 5 minute walk. There is ample free parking across Padron. If you want to find out more you can do so from this page

This weeks question is concerned with another famous Galician and in this instance the man in question is regarded as the father of all things gallego. His was a staunch nationalist (seeing Galicia as a nation) and one of the people from whom those who now argue for a Galician state take their inspiration. Whether or not those aspirations are ones that he would have shared is another question and one for others (not me) to debate.

As for a clue – he had connections with the town of Rianxo on the coast. I will say no more.

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