Monday, February 27, 2012


Orujo de Galicia

The answer that I was looking for in the last question was Orujo de Galicia, but the same drink appears throughout Spain and has numerous names from aguardiente to cana and there is no fixed recipe or taste.

The ones that I have tried (all from friends or family) have varied considerably from an alcoholic but pleasant liqueur, to something that has a taste that I imagine is pretty close to that of bleach.

In the final drink, the raw alcohol is mixed with sherry, sugar, fruit juices and cherries and left to “moderate” over time. We still have some that is over a decade old and each year I add extra sugar etc and it still takes the lining off the inside of your mouth. That one came from my wife’s father!!!!

This weeks question is perhaps a bit easer and goes back to landmarks in Galicia.

The city of Ourense has the remains of an old Roman Spa. What is it called.?

The Spa has been retained (to a degree), but it is perhaps not one of the major tourist attractions in the city. No clues for this one.

There is also a city run open air spa by the river which only costs a few euros to use. There are a series of small pools offering different features. We have friends who use it and recommend it.

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