Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Lugo answer

The combination of a week’s holiday, lots of work to catch up on, and a few other things have delayed the answer to the last of my questions. Here however is the response that I was looking for:

To keep life simple (for me) an example of the answer is “visible” on this page

But to sum up there are a series of stone plaques, each representing a famous individual in Galician history or culture. These plaques line one side of the plaza in Lugo old town and, if I recall, most of those remembered are connected with literature. (I am happy to be corrected on this last fact if it is not correct).

On another note, Lugo city is well worth a visit, however the wikipedia description of a complete “Roman wall” is rubbish, nearly all of the wall is medieval with just some small sections being Roman (An inspection of the construction makes this identification fairly straightforward. Interesting that the wikipedia description is “word for word” the original description I supplied on the aforementioned site (since modified).

You need to go to a location in the north west of England to see the only remaining fully intact Roman city wall. (And it is not at York in the north east.)

This weeks question:
(I hope that I can still remember the answer to this one) What is the name of the wooden floating platforms frequently seen in the rias of Galicia and what are they for?

If you look at places like Muros the areas adjacent to the harbour are full of them.

Thursday, March 08, 2012


Las Burgas Spa, Ourense

The answer to the last question was las Burgas spa and it is in the province and city of Ourense. If you want to know some more about it check out this page - The spa dates back to the Roman period, but today there are only a few remains left. Its value is more historic than as a visitor attraction.

This weeks question is more taxing and its subject is actually quite typical of some of the ideas that are encapsulated into the way that Galician and Spanish society are promoted and kept alive.

October 2012 - There ia another great thermal Spa which is still going in Cuntis. It has numerous water treatments and therapies and a giant pool broken into different areas with jacuzzis, water jet massage etc. It costa about 18 euros for half a day's use. We would recommend it. You also get a sauna, sweat rooms and the like. However you need to take (or hire at a cost) towels, pool shoes and a waterproof hat.

In the city of Lugo there is a main town square or plaza called the Maior square. Part of it is gardened and part of it is hard landscaped and it sits in the middle of the original walled old town. Running down one side of this square is an unusual commemorative feature – or series of features. What are they and what is their purpose?
Do not confuse the location of the answer that I am looking for with the much larger park in Lugo named after the poet Rosalia de Castro. However, you may be helped by the fact that there is a connection and clue between the answer that I am looking for and this park!

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