Tuesday, October 30, 2012


A few thoughts on my recent visit

As ever the break was relaxing and one of the perennial highlights for me is being able to get great coffee. I cannot find one good coffee shop over here, yet every café and bar seems to produce top notch coffee in the north of Spain.

We are fortunate in not just having my wife’s family, but also a number of friends in Galicia and this means that part of every visit includes meeting up for a drink or a meal with people that we know. To make matters better still, my wife’s favourite relatives were over from Gran Canaria at the same time as us and this meant that we were able to see them on a number of occasions including a massive barbeque. This BBQ had langoustines (by the bucket load), muscles, steak, pork, lamb, ribs and sardines. Home made tiramisu and a big cream cake topped things off. It was held on a patio with a backdrop of mountainous hills with buzzards and peregrine falcons flying overhead. Not bad.

We also made some visits to friends in Pontevedra who have just converted an old farmhouse ruin into just about the best home that I have ever seen. Yet again this one has mountains to one side of it and a truly spectacular view in all directions.

The weather this time around was cool, even by seasonal standards, and we only really hit 20 degrees C a few times. This made the beach out of bounds for all but a couple of days, however it was ideal for wandering around.

Looking back one of the possible regrets was not exploring and driving around enough. We had a few trips down the coast, a wander around Santiago de Compostela, but we never reached Ourense or Lugo provinces. That said we did relax and that was the main idea.

One final thought for this post. We saw an amazing moth which I have now identified as a humming bird moth. Take a look at one of the videos of these things on youtube, they are amazing and we were enthralled by how they behaved – just like a real humming bird.

You're so right about the coffee. I drink four or five cups a day in Spain and never touch tea, here is the exact opposite.
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