Thursday, October 18, 2012


Back from my absence

For reasons that I cannot be bothered to explain I have had to go through every single blog post that I have ever published and, in many cases, amend them. Incredibly the annoying result is that a couple of those posts have been amended to the date on which they were edited - hard to believe.

Anyway, I have been absent from blogging (and just about everything internet related) for several months and this is my first genuinely new post since around March of this year. I will not bother with the explanation as to why other than to say that it was not health related.
Back to the subject of the blog

I spent 3 weeks in Galicia over the middle of September and the early part of October and I will be adding some new sections to Galicia Guide and making posts here as a result. Overall our trip was a success with about two thirds of the period enjoying sunny but breezy days. We did have a dull and rainy period in the middle, but this is normal for the Galician climate. Temperatures were generally just over 20 degree C, but we only managed one day that was a genuine sun and beach day.

As ever I enjoyed the atmosphere and absence of any rat race mentality that the Spanish are fortunate enough not to suffer from. The “safety at all hours” and the massive absence of alcohol are other notable cultural differences (from Britain) that hit you immediately. On two separate occasions in busy restaurants I observed what people were drinking. In a restaurant called Mama Mias at 11.30 pm on Friday night only my wife and myself had alcohol with our meal (a bottle of wine). Everyone else was on soft drinks and when you take into account that the age range was between early twenties and late thirties that tells you something. I noticed a similar lack of proof drinks on another night at another restaurant (Rustica, Noia). Northern Spain is not a society fuelled by booze.

One very notable feature of the northern Spanish outdoor life as you get into autumn is the way that it dissipates very quickly by 7.30pm to 8.00pm on week days and by 9.30pm to 10.00pm at weekends. The Spanish are less hardy when it comes to the cooler temperatures and they quickly disappear when the cooler evenings arrive. Anyway, that is enough for now, but I will be back.

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