Thursday, July 04, 2013

Spent 10 days in Noia last month. The weather started off wet, but we got a good 6 days of sun with temps of 16 - 19 degrees C. It could have been warmer, but all told not too bad.

The economy is really suffering there and a number of shops that were open last october are now closed. Very much an attitude of doom and gloom and concern over large numbers of Eastern Europeans entering the country. Crime and theft, which were almost unkown in Galicia, have soared and people in the district my wife is from now lock their doors - even when they are in. 10 years ago this was unheard of - progress!!!!

I have never been to Noia, Spain
but after looking at the photos on goggle I would love to see it. Wont happen in this life time, but I can dream, have gotten to fat and old.

Padron Chiles, I have posted some new photos of the Chiles and what I am doing with them on my blog.
The fresh green Padrons are really great, but the red Chile flakes are super. Hot, yes but oh so good, I have been using them when making sausage. Bill in Texas
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